A 1973 Notebook – All about teamwork

A lot of time and effort goes into making a 1973 notebook here in Brighton, UK.

Firstly, we have the covers litho printed by our long-term partner, Gemini Press, on large sheets. The sheets consist of a number of different notebook covers, which are then individually trimmed out and delivered to 1973 HQ. This is where the magic happens……Emma and her team begin by hot foil blocking ‘notes’ in gold on the cover. The covers are then passed on to Tim, who sews them together with the inner lined pages (counted by Amy) on our vintage Japanese beast of a sewing machine, using thick coloured thread. Once sewn it is passed over to Rich, who trims and folds the notebook on the guillotine. The last process is quality control, where Anita casts her forensic eyes over for any faults, and, if ok, then puts the finished notebook into its allocated pigeon hole, ready for picking.

So, it's all thanks to Emma, Tim, Amy, Rich and Anita for making these beautiful notebooks.

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