1973 Cards

We at 1973 strive to showcase the best craftsmanship in all things paper and share the fruits of our labour once each range has been honed to perfection. All of our own collections bring something different from the last and we like to refresh and update on a regular basis.  Constantly striving to stay current and on trend, our one stop shop has everything. No need to shop around as we've done all the hard work for you with our eclectic choice of designs. From the simple, yet effective 'Colour Your Life' range, to the jolly gang of shiny characters in our 'Joyful' designs. 'The Animals' are exactly what they say on the card and the 'Woman of the World' (WOW) designs bring positive vibes to the female species. We're sure our designs will bring smiles to your faces and hope you will be returning to us time and again to see what new delights we have up our sleeves.