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Carolyn Suzuki Philodendron Plant Fine Art Giclee Print -

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A classic still life of a vase, a piece of fruit and the lovely heart shaped philodendron plant.  The best thing about it is that you don't have to draw it as the brilliant Carolyn Suzuki has taken care of that.  You just need to find a space on your wall for this time-honered piece of art. 
One of twelve designs from Carolyn Suzuki's house plant collection, and available in three sizes. Printed and distributed throughout the UK by the 1973 botanists.

Product Code: 8425

* Illustrated by Carolyn Suzuki
* Unframed 10 colour Giclee Fine Art Print
Printed on 300 gsm FSC Board 
* Available in 3 Sizes - 
Sml 210mm x 300mm
Med 300mm x 500mm
* Lrg 500mm x 700mm
* Printed in sunny Brighton, UK